Mixed boxes:

Local Inspired mixed box

Luxury mixed box

Dark chocolate - no dairy mixed box

Alcohol mixed box

Caramel Collection

Bar Selection

Seasonal selection

 Chocolate Selection

I have developed a unique blend of Belgium Chocolate to create the perfect balance between milk and dark chocolate complementing the variety of fillings and designs that I use. 

 Chocolate Mixed Boxes 

All mixed boxes contain a mix of 4 different flavours

Small Box - $7 (4 pieces) 

Medium Box - $24 (16 pieces) 

Luxury mixed box 

Peanut butter, Wildflower honey ganache, Passionfruit caramel, Hazelnut ganache

Peanut Butter

Creamy salted Peanut butter

Wildflower Honey Ganache

Smooth honey ganache 

Passionfruit Caramel

Rich passionfruit caramel filling

Hazelnut Ganache

Creamy hazelnut chocolate ganache

Dark chocolate - no dairy mixed box

Chocolate halva, Orange caramel, Ginger ganache, Mint ganache

Chocolate Halva

Creamy chocolate halva

Blood Orange Caramel

Rich blood orange caramel filling

Ginger Ganache

Ginger ganache with a hint of lemongrass

Mint Ganache

Melt in your mouth mint ganache

Alcohol mixed box 

Citrus Gin ganache, Spiced Rum ganache, Peanut Whisky ganache, Coffee ganache

Citrus Gin Ganache

Citrus Gin ganache with a hint of cloves

Spiced Rum Ganache

Spiced Rum ganache 

Peanut Whisky Ganache

Peanut Butter Whisky ganache

Coffee   Ganache

Creamy coffee ganache

Caramel Collection

Salted caramel - Liquid Gold

Caramel selection

$8 Salted caramel - liquid gold  10 pieces 

 Chocolate - Bar Selection 

Hazelnut crunch

Orange & almond

Toasted coconut

Ginger & cashew

Solid Chocolate Bar - 100g

$8   Signature bar

Pistachio & raspberry

Mint crunch

Solid Chocolate Bar - 50g

$5.50   Signature bar

Solid Chocolate Bar - 120g (40g x 3)

$9   Signature bar

Solid Chocolate Bar - 120g (40g x 3)

Dark chocolate - no dairy

$9   Signature bar

3 D Solid Chocolate Bar - 115g

$9   Signature 3 D bar (shape of the base chocolate varies)

 Seasonal selection


Solid Chocolate Bar 

$5.50 Snowman - 50g

$6.50 Reindeer - 60g

To order or for more information, contact Anna-Marie